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Joe Bradley

Bradleys Auction Co. Inc

d.b.a. Joe Bradley Auctioneers Ca. Bond #K05067868

From childhood Joe was trained in the family business. By age 20 he elevated himself to General Manager of the Auction Pool and had complete responsibilities for the setup and conduction of the families weekly 300 vehicle Auto Auctions. At the age of 30 he focused his attention on the one aspect of the business that he had not mastered, that of the Auctioneer. In 1987 he attended and Graduated from the Missouri School of Auctioneers and began his career as an Auctioneer.

Having been in the business for many years it did not take him long to develop his own style and understanding of exactly what his customers needs were. It was not long after Joe developed his Auctioning talents that it took him away from the family business and launched him into what has become his current occupation since 1987.

Always striving to be the best in his field Joe attended the elite Certified Auctioneers Institute at the University of Indiana.
Graduated CAI Auctioneer class of 1996.

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Joe Bradley contracts with professional ringmen to bring a professional touch to your event.

 Patty Bradley
Patty is an intricate partner in the development of Joe Bradley Auctions. She clerk’s and cashier’s at our onsite auctions.
 Dave Tuckman
Dave and his company Golden State Web Solutions ( have provided JBA Internet and Information Technology services since 1998. Anything computer and/or Internet related falls under the umbrella of their contracted responsibilities. Duties include: Management of all computers (office use and on-site auctions), Management of website and email services, and audit/evaluation of all electronics included in auctions.
 Steve Cox
Steve assists JBA with the various GSWS contracted IT related services, and has done so since 2005. Most often duties involve website support (maintenance, updates, email campaigns and search engine optimization).

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